• Foster Care Awareness Walk in the Park

    Walk in the Park is Amazing Grace Child and Family Services Annual event to raise awareness about foster care to our local community.  It is also an opportunity for us to appreciate our foster care community of parents, children, workers and volunteers.  The proceeds from the event go towards enriching the lives of those children in our care in extra activities including camp.

  • Marriage Ministry

    Amazing Grace established a Marriage ministry to serve. Amazing Grace seeks to provide support, encouragement, and spiritual enrichment to all married couples. We seek to cultivate happy and healthy relationships by nurturing and empowering married couples to enjoy each other, and build Christ centered marriages. We seek to enhance and strengthen our relationships with each other and learn skills to have successful relationships by using God's word as our guide.We also strive to illustrate a positive image and the importance of the covenant we made with God and our mates.


  • Restored by Grace-

    Victim Assistance Program

    Restored by Grace Program is designed to provide general victim assistance direct services to minorities who reside within the southern sector of Dallas County (i.e. Duncanville, Cedar Hill, Oak Cliff, Cockrell Hill, DeSoto, Cedar Hill, and Lancaster).  The program’s mission is to support survivors who witness, experience or are otherwise exposed to significant levels of crisis, violence and trauma, throughout their individualized cycles of healing and life restoration.   The program has three target areas: Coordinated General Victims Services, Self-Advocacy and Systemic Advocacy. The two target areas of victim support services are psycho-social (i.e. advocacy, education, emotional and self-help groups, etc.) and psychological (trauma-based therapy, other mental health counseling, other treatment and assessment, etc.).

  • General Residential Operation Home

    Amazing Grace GRO is a licensed 16 bed General Residential Operation for males ages 10-17.  This facility provides multiple services such as: Child Care Services, Emergency Care and Treatment Services for Emotional Disorders. Residential child care operations provide around-the-clock care for children 17 years or younger whose parents or guardians are temporarily or permanently unable to care for them.

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